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What is a garbage collector?

The garbage collector (GC) is a part of the .NET framework which is initialized by the common language run-time (CLR) to manage the allocation and release of memory in an application...

What is CTS?

.NET is language-agnostic, which allows programmers to write code in different languages (which can be compiled to IL), and that code can interact with other code written in different languages...

State Management in ASP.NET

Whenever you visit a web application, your browser will communicate with the respective server through HTTP or HTTPs protocol, but because its stateless nature, if you visit the same web application again after closing the web browser, there will be no trace of your previous visit...

Data types and memory management in C#

Before explaining the different data types available in C#, it’s important to mention that C# is a strongly-typed language. This means that each variable, constant, input parameter, return type and in general every expression that evaluates to a value, has a type.

How to create and configure your bot to work in Microsoft Teams

In this article, I will discuss what is a sealed modifier, how to use it and what’s its impact on your application’s performance.